The process

I wrote my three EPs About You (2016), Cold (2017), Mile Marker (2018) completely on my own while I was studying songwriting as a high schooler in Austin, Texas. Each one represents a different phase of high school for me. 

About You was an EP I made during my sophomore year compiled of songs I had written as a freshman. These were the first songs I ever wrote. This EP holds a special place in my heart because of that. Taylor Muse approached me to produce these songs and introduced me to what a recording studio was all about and the magic we could make there. And we did make our own sort of magic. This EP is full of horns and strings- every emotion I was feeling was being interpreted by Taylor and being played back to me by some of the best musicians the city had to offer.  This EP reminds me of confetti, bright colors, spring.  

Cold was my second EP. Louie Lino produced this one. I went to Louie with almost no idea of how I wanted these songs to sound, I just knew that I needed to get them out of me and put some sort of art together. We worked together during the fall of my junior year in his studio, taking the songs I had written during the darker parts of my sophomore year and fleshing them out. This EP to me is about loss and growth, about longing for something that is no longer in reach. It reminds me of cold air, warm people, and many nights alone staying up way too late just to write one more song. 

Mile Marker was my third EP. I worked on Mile Marker with Charlie Magnone as a producer and we recorded most of it with Louie Lino. Mile Marker, as I like to put it, was kind of like my version of a senior project. I worked on it throughout my senior year of high school and put it out just before I graduated. I knew I was about to move away and I didn't want to leave Austin without getting out just a few more songs. I ended up going on tour with Jaimee Harris shortly after putting this EP out and I couldn't imagine a better way to wrap up my high school experience than to be singing these songs while traveling to places I had never been. This EP feels like bonfires, summer, road trips, growth. 

And now, what? 

I started college and I've been busy. I'm learning my way around the studio like never before, I'm writing more than I ever had, and I'm collaborating with amazing people. Co-writing is such a joy for me (I included some pics below of some co-writes I've had throughout the past year) and I can't wait to share with y'all the music that comes out of working with these incredible people. 

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